About TAPS Security

About TAPS Security

TAPS is a security company based in Silicon Valley that services in the Bay Area.
We aim to provide high quality security services that would ensure our client’s safety and well-being. Ranging from home security to commercial security, if you require uniformed or plain clothes officers, armed or unarmed uniformed officers, we  will design and implement creative solutions to meet your security needs.

Our Core Philosophy

In order to provide high quality security services, we must first start with our security guards. What makes TAPS unique is our philosophy:

“A commitment to invest in our community.”

We hire team members from within our local communities in the valley. We provide our members with high level security training in the industry and then assign our security guards to work in their community.

By encouraging our employees to be team oriented, highly motivated and diligent towards their work, we nurture our employees by providing guidance and experience they can take with them to further their career in the law enforcement industry.

 We take pride in providing the most responsive customer service teams in the industry. Our goal is to deliver exceptional service and security to our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

TAPS Mission Statement


We make it our mission to deliver experienced protection to our clients in the highest manner of professionalism. As well as provide strategic counsel, creative solutions and timely responsive services.

Our number one priority and commitment is therefore to offer, at all times, a full range of solutions to meet your security needs.