Accountability – Guard Verification

Accountability – Guard Verification

Because we wish to maintain a relationship with our clients built on security, supported by efficiency, and backed by trust.

To us, accountability is an important factor in our business protocol.

We are always making an effort to make sure that we can provide our clients with proof that our guards are adequately doing their job providing you the best security our company can offer.

TAPS depends on the latest technology to actively showcase the presence of our security guards on the job.

Guard Tour Verification System by DETEX:detex_logo

At TAPS, we’ve employed a Guard Tour Verification system, one of the common methods of record keeping in the security industry.

Our company uses DETEX’s Reliant Plus system to monitor the rounds performed by patrolling guards around properties by using stainless-steel touch-memory iButtons. Each iButton has a unique 16-digit ID number that identifies the checkpoint, security office, supervisor, etc., to which it is detex_01assigned.

This system ensures that our security guard’s attendance is accounted for and is shown actively patrolling the site at all times while conducting their duties.  The clients will be provided with Daily DETEX tracking reports and Daily Activity Reports.

detex_02Simply, this system ensures that security officers are doing their job of creating visibility and visiting critical checkpoints by frequently patrolling the site. It is a crucial aide to TAPS in supervising our employees and assures our clients that they are getting the service that they are paying for.

We are able to install and implement the Reliant Plus system at the request of our clients. For more information, please contact us.


GPS Enabled Two-Way Radios:

DSC_0411We’ve taken accountability a step further by utilizing two-way radios equipped with GPS tracking capabilities. Each radio is assigned a unit number which is tracked by our computers.

Through our GPS system we are able to track and record every move our guards make while on duty. We are able to gps_map_2see the live location of each unit as well as a view history of what locations they’ve visited at what time and for how long. Our system also records the time frame of which each unit is turned on and off, as well the monitoring of our dispatch car’s speed limit. This measure is to ensure that we are able to take in to account that our guards are properly patrolling our client’s properties as they are meant to.

Each patrolling security guard is required to carry one of our GPS enabled two-way radios. It is mandatory that they turn on the radio at the start of their shift, and turn it off at the end of their shift. Failure in doing so indicates lack of adequately performing duties and will result in disciplinary actions.

At the request of our client, we are able to provide a tracking login access of your location. Contact us for more information.


DSC_0417Police Scanner Enabled Two-Way Radios:

We also use two-way radios with built-in police scanner functions. With this extra equipment, our security guards are able to monitor any dangerous activities occurring near the vicinity of our client’s properties. It allows our guards to properly prepare any appropriate measures to ensure optimum safety for their assigned properties.




Note: These functions are only available to our clients with properties such as apartment complexes, retail centers, business buildings etc., and does not include our residential patrol services.


Patrol Summary Check Postcards:

Besides perusing the latest technology to show our presence to our clients, we also opt to make use of the old fashion way.

DSCF4354Each security guard is provided with patrol summary check postcards for our clients with properties as well as for our clients subscribed in the Residential Patrol Services. These postcards serve as a report of anything happening throughout the guard’s patrols.

Communication is key in our belief of striving for accountability, even if it is to just leave a note to indicate that our guards have been through the property.



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