Commercial Alarm

Commercial Alarm by TAPS Alarm

You’ve put so much into running your own business; make sure that it is well protected. Invest in an alarm that will contribute to your profitable endeavors and project positive results. We offer a commercial alarm that will preventing thefts and cutting down on false alarms.

Protect your commercial building or small business with TAPS’ Video Verified alarm. This security system is simple and powerful to fit your business’ security needs.


No more false alarms

Commercial properties tend to experience 3 times the rate of false alarms than residential properties

One of the top contributors for false alarms is user error. Some systems need you to navigate through menus and buttons just to arm and disarm. Mistakes happen more often when the responsibility of arming and disarming falls on many people. And the more mistakes may lead to more false alarm calls.

TAPS’ Commercial Alarm is simple enough no one can mess up arming or disarming. The control panel is user friendly. With just a simple pass code or a push of a button through the mobile app, arming and disarming is easy.

The cost spent on false alarm fees can go towards other things, if you switch to TAPS Alarm.




Be protected 24/7 with TAPS

There are no days off for TAPS Alarm’s system. Get security coverage around the clock even during power outages.

Our system is wireless and runs on a dedicated cellular network. If there’s a power outage, your business will get uninterrupted security coverage.cellphone_teenager

It is also tamper proof and discreet. If a burglar attempts to disarm the alarm system, they won’t be able to find any wires to cut. If a burglar attempts to take down our motion viewers, it will continue to protect and detect. It looks like an ordinary motion detector, no one will suspect that it can capture video.

Commercial break-ins tend to happen at night, when no one is present on the premise.

Chances of success are higher for burglars if you have a traditional security system.

Due to the high rates of false alarms, police categorize alarm calls as low-priority. For areas that are enforcing the non-response policy the police will not be dispatched at all. Unless someone can verify that a burglary is currently in progress.

That means by the time police do arrive, if in the case they arrive at all, they would be too late to catch the intruders.

With TAP’s Video Verification video_verification_processfeature, through a network of image motion sensors and our monitoring center we can help bring the police to your property when there is a disruption.

The moment someone breaks in, our Image Capturing Motion Viewer will send a live video signal to our Monitoring Center. We review and verify if a crime is currently in-progress and contact police dispatch. With our verification, the police are dispatched on priority response to catch the burglar in the act.


Higher arrest rates, lower distressing losses and more positive results .



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