Alarm | Convenience

In today’s rapidly advancing technological world, ease and usability is key; which is why convenience is one of the main factors to our alarm system.

Mobile App

Control everything through your personal mobile device from your office, while on errands or even away on a business trip.


Be up to date with everything concerning your home or business.

Real-time notifications allow you to know everything about your home the moment it happens. You won’t be caught off guard if there is ever a case of unpredictable invasions or unauthorized entrances. Be at ease by setting up real time live stream the instant your children come home or at certain times of the day to check up on your house.

With the security app we provide you are able to access a database centered on your house. View recorded videos, galleries, history and activity logs of the coming and going of your house.


Always be in the know when it comes to your property. Set up text or email alerts for any entry point so you know who comes and goes through your home or business.




Check In on Your Home 

Request live feed anytime, anywhere.

Anytime you feel the need to check up on your home or business,  but you can’t get away to do so, you can request a look-in on your property. We will send you a video feed or static images so you can worry less about your home and focus more on the task at hand.


If you you have any questions please email us at, or if you would like more information, please fill out our alarm interest form!