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TAPS’ advance security system combines technology and the basic desire for optimal security to present a service worthy of today’s family or business. Through a network of effective equipment, efficient services and a independent cellular connection, we can deter any intruders from breaking into your property.


 TAPS_lawn_300Prevent burglars from breaking in!

Naturally intruders would like to commit their burglary and get away without getting caught. So they tend to avoid properties with alarm systems.

The most obvious sign that a house is a high risk to a burglar is showing them that your home is protected. With our lawn signs and window decals you can ward them off from across the street. Once they notice that your home is equipped with an alarm system they have no other choice but to move on.

Trespassers tend to abandon their break-in attempts when they notice the cameras installed around the perimeter. They know that it will be highly likely they will get caught on the cameras.

Unlike the dated alarm systems hooked up to phone land lines, our security system has a dedicated cellular connection not only for convenience, but for safety measures as well. Burglars won’t find any wires to cut when they try to disable your alarm system before breaking in.


Video Capturing Motion Viewer

Our motion viewers may look like a regular blind motion sensor, but with built-in image capturing feature, it sets itself above the rest.

Simple looking, but quite powerful



It may look like an ordinary motion sensor, but it’s powerful enough to keep your property safe. Its unassuming and simple casing allows intruders to assume its another motion sensor. The moment movement is detected, the camera is activated and a live stream is transmitted to our monitoring center.

Unlike motion detectors, our motion viewers will provide visuals. There is no need for second guessing, and relying on vague details. Our monitoring agents are able to give adequate information on break ins for Police Response. Keep an eye on your property from anywhere by requesting look-ins through our mobile app.

residential_teenager_1In this real incident video, three intruding teenagers look into our motion viewer, unaware that everything they are doing is being captured. With this footage, our monitoring agent can alert the police of a break-in happening. The police will be dispatched, and with this particular footage, the intruders can be identified and arrested.

Day or night, our Motion Viewer adapts to the dark easily

With built-in infrared illuminators, the Motion Viewer will transmit footage captured at night clearly.

If someone attempts to remove your motion viewer, everything will be captured and transmitted to your control panel to alert our monitoring agents.

The key purpose of our Video Capturing Motion Viewer is to verify.

Police response to Verified Alarm call

Because timing is important, the videos are kept at a low resolution to ensure the fastest upload possible to our monitoring center. Even if our incident videos may not be in High Definition, it is ideal for immediate action, enough to dispatch police as quickly as possible.

A higher resolution camera may sound appealing because of a clearer image output, but it would require a longer upload time. Allowing the intruders more time to do more damage to your property.



iphone_notification_mockupReceive instant notification and video feed if your business or home has been breached.

With automated door lock system, motion sensor and glass breaking detectors, get instantly notified when unauthorized persons attempt to break in.Turn on the lights from your phone when you are away to give the illusion that there are people present.

You can arm your security system before leaving with the touch screen control panel, or from virtually anywhere with the mobile app.


No room for false alarms

Reduce the risk of having to suffer the consequences of false alarms.

No need to deal with those complex alarm systems that can easily trigger the dispatch of authorities, vaguely assuming that the slightest movement or mistake is a threat. This ends up being a hassle for everyone and on top of that you would have to pay a fine. TAPS’ security system is powerful yet simple enough for anyone to use. There is no need for a complex sequence of buttons to push with our user friendly control panel layout.

With our Video Verification feature, when your alarm goes off, we give the police proof that it isn’t a false alarm.

Pet Friendly


Dogs captured on Motion Viewer

Don’t worry about your pets setting off a false alarm! With our motion viewer and Monitoring
Agents working together, TAPS Alarm offers a perfect solution to avoid pet related false alarms.

When your pets set off the Video Capturing Motion Viewers, our Agents will be the judge if the police are needed or not.

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