Residential Construction Alarm


Residential Construction Alarm by TAPS Alarm


We’ll keep a look out when you are not there

Footage of man attempting to sneak around job site

We know the responsibilities you have when a client entrusts you to build their new house. You are after all building the foundation for their base of security. A place they will call home.

As a contractor you have to worry about the same things any homeowner would. What would happen after hours? A mere fence won’t keep out trespassers. How do you know if your job site will be safe from theft or any other malicious property crimes?

We can take care of that! So you can focus on getting the job done, keeping you on time with your project timeline, and keeping your client happy.



TAPS Alarm offers a simple yet effective video alarm system that can be easily set up at any job site.

TAPS Alarm has tailored our Video Verified alarm system to adapt to any residential construction job site. Our motion viewer’s wireless connection allows us to set up the system anywhere on the site without having to fix them to any walls or buildings.  The portability and functionality of our motion viewer allows you to keep watch from any area within your job site. Our motion viewer will catch anyone in the act, whether they are jumping the fence or crawling around to avoid detection. If anyone attempts to move or tamper with the motion viewer, it will continue to send video signals.


Get Video Verified TAPS Alarm and Prevent:

  • Graffiti
  • Theft
  • Trespassing
  • and Other Property Crimes


  • Your Equipment
  • Raw Materials
  • Your business Name


We can help catch those intruders before they get away!

The moment someone trespasses on to your job site, our Image Capturing Motion Viewer will send a live video signal to our Monitoring Center. Our agent will review and verify that a crime is currently in-progress and then contact police dispatch. With our agent’s verification, the police will  be dispatched on priority response to catch the intruder in the act.

Resulting in higher arrest rates, lower distressing losses and more happy outcomes.


Know whats happening on your job site when you aren’t there

At the end of the day, when its time to go home we want you to be able to leave your work behind and relax. If anything happens at your job site, we’ll let you know with instant notifications.  If your alarm has goes, we will let you know if it’s an actual intruder. Minimizing the instances of false alarms.

Day or night, if you want to check up on your job site, you can request a live look-in through the mobile app. You will receive an image capture from the motion viewer.

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