Verified Response Protocol

To promote efficiency, several law enforcement agencies across the nation are employing several different tactics to avoid False Alarm calls.  One of these tactics is the Verified Response Protocol.

What is the Verified Response Protocol?

In the event of an alarm call, the police will not be dispatched unless there is verified proof of an actual crime taking place.

Police will not be dispatched solely on the activation of an alarm.  An Alarm Verification is required before police will be sent to your property. Verified proof must be provided before Dispatch can do anything.

An Alarm Verification can be made by a property owner, an alarm company agent or anyone who can provide evidence that a crime is currently happening. Verified proof can come in the form of audio, video or eyewitness accounts.

Areas in the United States with Verified Alarm Response (click for list)

Akron, OH; Arvada, CO; Chico, CA; Chula Vista, CA; Covina, CA; Detroit, MI; Fontana, CA; Fremont, CA; Grand Prairie, TX; Hayward, CA; Los Angeles, CA; Lakewood, CO; Manteca, CA; McKinney, TX; Modesto, CA; New Orleans, LA; Oakland, CA; Pasadena, CA; Sacramento, CA; Salem, OR; San Jose, CA; Seattle, WA; Simi Valley, CA; Springettsbury Township, PA; Stockton, CA; Surprise, AZ; Troy, MI; Tucson, AZ; Turlock, CA; Ventura, CA; Washoe County, NV; Wheat Ridge, CO, Georgia

Verified Alarms and Priority Police Responses

Intruder apprehended by police captured on Motion Viewer

Intruder apprehended by police captured on Motion Viewer

Since an Alarm Verification provides detailed proof, they are categorized as crime-in progress incidents.

With the evidence of a crime in progress, Verified Alarms are given high priority. That means that police will be dispatched faster to your property.

Burglars tend to spend 8 to 12 minutes in a home once they break in.


In between the time your alarm goes off, and the police are dispatched, the intruder can get in and out in no time. Many areas tend to experience police arrival from 13 to 40 minutes. For Verified Response areas, there are no police arrivals at all. With Video Verification, it has been reported that once alerted, police arrive between 2 to 10 minutes.

Police Jurisdiction
Video Verification
Chula Vista, CA
Salinas, CA
Boston, MA
Watertown, MA
Charlotte, NC
Amarillo, TX
Fairfax County, VA

Faster police response means:

  • Minimizing property damages and losses inflicted by intruders
  • Lower insurance rates
  • Higher Arrest rates
  • Increasing the safety of on-duty officers

Priority Police Response brings results!

Areas with Verified Alarms and Priority Police Response have experienced a rise in the number of criminal arrests.

  • In Phoenix, due to priority response, they have experienced 40 arrests in 4 months.
  • In Seattle, they’ve experienced a 100% arrest rate when dispatched on priority response.


IMV-FRONTWith TAPS Alarm’s video motion capture sensor and our 24 hour monitoring center, we can verify your alarm efficiently and promptly


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