Video Verification

Video Verification by TAPS Alarm

What is Video Verification and why does it work?

A video alarm system is our solution to an effective security system.


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Our motion sensors operate on a higher level than normal motion sensors. With built-in image capture, our motion sensors are Motion Viewers. So the moment the sensors are triggered, a short video capture will be sent to our monitoring center to confirm that an intruder is trespassing.

This approach to property alarms is the perfect solution for those areas affected by the Verified Response Protocol.

Video Verification works as strong evidence that a crime is happening on your property and in turn will result in a high priority police response and a prompt arrest.





 Why you should be considering Video Verification

In 2010, San Jose police experienced 98% false alarm calls costing the department $662,000.

Many law enforcement agencies are experiencing high rates of burglar alarms being false alarms. To efficiently allocate the police resources, some agencies have given alarm response a low priority or no response at all.


In response to the high rate of false alarms triggered by traditional audible alarm systems, some law enforcement agencies have decided to enforce the Verified Response Protocol. If your alarm goes off, and no one is there to provide detailed information to confirm that a break-in is in progress, the police will not be dispatched to your property.


TAPS Alarm offers a solution to the Verified Response Protocol.

Our monitoring agents are essentially eye-witnesses to the break-in of your property.

The installed motion viewers uploads movement in 10 second increments and transmits it directly to our agents. They are able to provide crucial information to police dispatch that will categorize
your home break in as a crime-in-progress resulting in quick police response.





Timing is Key

Intruder apprehended by police captured on Motion Viewer

Intruder apprehended by police captured on Motion Viewer

Burglars tend to spend 8 to 12 minutes in a home once they break in.


In between the time your alarm goes off, and the police are dispatched, the intruder can get in and out in no time. Many areas tend to experience police arrival from 13 to 40 minutes. For Verified Response areas, there are no police arrivals at all. With Video Verification, it has been reported that once alerted, police arrive between 2 to 10 minutes.



Police Jurisdiction
Video Verification
Chula Vista, CA
Salinas, CA
Boston, MA
Watertown, MA
Charlotte, NC
Amarillo, TX
Fairfax County, VA

Faster response times lead to more positive results.

  • Less damage to property
  • Less stolen possessions
  • Lower insurance claim
  • Lower risk of danger inflicted by intruders
  • Higher arrest rates
  • Higher chances of officer safety


Video Verification is proven to work

Across the country, many property owners have switched to video verified alarm systems, and to accommodate the effectiveness of these alarm systems, some of the law enforcement agencies have given video verified alarm priority response.


  • In Phoenix, due to priority response, they have experienced 40 arrests in 4 months.
  • In Seattle, they’ve experienced a 100% arrest rate when dispatched on priority response.


The video verification approach not only ensures the safety of your property and lowers the cost of loss and damage, but also helps raise police arrest rates.  In turn, it also helps create a safer environment and lower the rate of crimes.


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