TAPS Video Verified Alarm

Reduce risk and danger significantly with TAPS' Video Verified Alarm

TAPS Alarm will help ease your mind when it comes to thinking about your property. Don't rely on the traditional alarm system that has cried false alarm one too many times. Prevent burglars from breaking into your property. Get the alarm system that will give you fast police response when a burglar breaks in. TAPS alarm keeps an eye on your property 24/7 and keep you updated with instant notifications so you don't have to worry.

TAPS' Video Verified alarm is compatible with the Verified Response Protocol. It Simple and powerful enough to provide verified response to video. So when your alarm does go off, the police will respond on high priority.

From a basic Video Verified Alarm system to a full Smart Home Alarm system, we offer a range of packages fit for your security needs for your home, business or construction job site.

Through a network of effective equipment, efficient services and a independent cellular connection, we can help prevent any intruders from breaking into your property.


Home Verified Alarm

TAPS Alarm offers a Video Verified alarm that sends video verification to the police when someone breaks into your home. Get the alarm system that will help bring the police to your home in time to catch the burglar before htey get away. Read More



TAPS Alarm isn't just for your home. Our security system can protect your business as well. With the capability of instant notifications and customizable alerts, you can keep an eye on your business anytime, anywhere. Read More


Commercial Construction

Maximize your job site's security coverage with TAPS' adaptable video verified alarm. From the beginning to the end of your project, protect your assets and prevent property crimes. Read More


Residential Construction

Protect the home you are building with TAPS Alarm. We can help keep those intruders out and protect your raw materials so you can finish your project on time.Read more

TAPS's Video Verified Alarm is the alarm that works with the verified response protocol

Verified Response

Is your alarm system capable of protecting your home? Did you know that in some areas, enforcement agencies will not respond to alarm calls unless there is verified evidence of a crime in progress? Read more

Video Verified Alarm

Video Verification

With our video capturing motion sensor, when your alarm goes off, our monitoring agent verifies the break in and instantly notifies the police. Read more

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TAPS Alarm’s Core Network:

  • Image capturing motion sensors
  • Window & Door sensors
  • Mobile app and web access
  • 24 hour monitoring center

Using security and technology to produce an alarm system that is:

Convenient, Effective, and Supportive

A security system worthy of the modern home/business owner.

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