Applicant Screening

TAPS has taken a unique approach to the business of contract security. Many of our competitors employ minimally screened and trained guards. Our approach involves a proactive theory of well-groomed and exceptionally trained uniformed security.

Our strategy entails several steps to minimize the possibility and opportuiny for theft of property or injury to persons within the facility. The following is an overview of our Security Guard Project:H37A0525

Applicant Screening

The quality we bring to your environment begins long before you see our security guards. The Board of Directors at TAPS has resolved to make the recruitment and training of our personnel the key to our success; in that, we conduct hiring initiatives on a regular basis. Most applicants are unable to meet our qualifications.


TAPS conducts training that exceeds that of any of our competitor’s programs. Our management team passes on their knowledge to our new employees.

In addition to the state mandated certification courses, TAPS personnel must attend the following courses:

  • Power of Arrest Training
  • Patrol Techniques & Criminal Law
  • Use of force simulator
  • Scenarios Training
  • Driving simulator
  • Customer Service Seminar


Our uniformed security guards are trained to act as a criminal deterrent by adopting the principals of the C.P.O.P (Community Police Officer Program) methodology. Simply put, our guards are encouraged to be an approachable source of information to patrons, residents and employees. Letting the public know that we are there for them generates a feeling of community and safety.


The placement of our security guards is what generally places TAPS in the position to confidently describe the utilization of our security guard project as authentic. Our security guards are trained to make visible foot patrols throughout their posts in undetermined patterns. Our personnel are encouraged to interact with with your patrons and employees in addition to standing at a fixed post.


Enforcement through Reinforcement” is a theory we at TAPS has developed.

With 38 combined years of experience in the security and law enforcement field, Management has realized that instead of the accusations and traditional methods of our predecessors, to effectively accomplish effective prevention of crime, tactical approaches should be used.

The art of verbal judo is commonplace in our organization and as often been efficient in deescalating volatile situations.



Our uniformed security guards are outfitted with police-type uniforms. Our corporate general orders require that our personnel keep their uniforms pressed and clean at all times. Their shoes are to be polished and military style. Male officers are to be clean-shaven with neat haircuts. Female officers are held to the same standards. We pride ourselves on the appearance of our personnel, as they are representing our agency in your facilities.


TAPS supervisory personnel are required to possess a minimum of 5 years of related law enforcement or security experience. Our supervisors are charged with scheduling, assigning security posts and acting as liaison between the Board of Directors and our client. Supervisory personnel are available to you 24 hours every day in order to maintain quality assurance and customer service on behalf of TAPS.


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