Home Video Verified Alarm

Home Video Verified Alarm by TAPS Alarm

TAPS Alarm offers a verified alarm system that will help catch the burglars before they get away.

Do you live in an area where the Verified Response Protocol is enforced? Was your home recently broken into without any police response? Under the Verified Response Protocol, many local jurisdictions need video, audio or on-site verification for alarm calls. Without verification, the police won’t respond to your alarm if a burglary is happening. Many homeowners are not aware that this affects their standard home alarms.

Many standard home alarm owners will experience delayed or no police response at all. 

When it comes to responding to burglar cases, timing is an important factor. There is considerable delay if a home is empty and the alarm company can’t reach the homeowner. Or worse, if the contact information isn’t correct. And when the alarm company does request for police dispatch, without verification the police won’t come at all. In this time, the burglar would be in and out of the house before any action takes place.

TAPS’ Video Verified alarm is a perfect solution for homes in Verified Response areas.



TAPS’ Video Verification

We’re taking the technological approach to supply efficient up-to-date security.

The moment the sensors trip, a streaming video is sent to our monitoring center. We verify a burglary-in-progress by video and request police dispatch. The video verification serves as evidence of an active crime, and will result in high priority police response and a prompt arrest.

We don’t require a verification from the homeowner before requesting for police dispatch.  So if you are away on vacation, or busy in a business meeting, if your alarm goes off, we will verify the alarm call immediately and call the police for you.




Visual Assurance 

With our image capturing motion sensors, we give our alarm system a visual factor traditional alarms don’t have. Not only will it help fast police response to break-ins, it gives our clients the ability to look in on their home or business at anytime, anywhere.

Dependable Support

Our monitoring center works around the clock to ensure the protection of your property isn’t interrupted. The moment the sensors are triggered, our monitoring agents are alerted. They are trained to handle any event that may breech your home security in an efficient and timely manner.

Tamper proof

Our system operates on cellular connections instead of land lines. We find that not only is it convenient to our clients, but more reliable. Intruders trying to disarm the alarm system via phone line won’t find any wires.

In the event of a power outage, you don’t have to worry about being exposed or vulnerable. TAPS Alarm is also power outage proof.

Remote Arming 


With TAPS Alarm, you are given various options to arming and disarming your security

  • Security panel
  • keypad
  • Remote control arming
  • Mobile App arming
  • Scheduled Arming

Diligent Notifications

Know everything that happens on your property. With the support of our mobile app and monitoring center, you will receive notifications every time something happens. TAPS’ security system keeps an activity log that is accessible through the mobile app. You can also create specific rules to receive event based notifications, so you don’t have to worry about your property when you are away.

Smart Home Automation

Take the connectivity of your home a step further with these added Smart Home features.

  • Energy & Small Appliances Control
  • Automated doors and locks
  • Fire and Carbon Monoxide alert

For more information visit the Smart Home Automation by TAPS Alarm page.


We are more than happy to work with you to come up with a security solution customized to fit your lifestyle. We offer a multitude of services and options for our security systems.

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