Residential Patrol Services

We offer diligent residential patrols for your single family home at a very cost effective rate.

This service includes:

  • Random residential mobile patrol servicesDSCF6150
  • Package pickup
  • Vacation checks of your residence
  • Alarm response
  • Immediate response to calls for non-emergency services (loud noises, barking dogs, etc.)
  • Deterrence to criminal activity
  • Direct phone or text access to agent on duty
  • Newsletter via Email



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3 month contracts
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For apartments:

Our agents can do lock ups and secure vulnerable areas. We will document and alert management to any hazards that need immediate attention in an effort to avoid potential litigation. We monitor community pools and rooms to make sure that residents and guest are complying with HOA rules and regulations.

Dedicated patrols are available  to HOAs at discount pricing.
We will gladly meet with neighborhood associations as well as official homeowner associations!

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