Residential Patrol Testimonials

What are people saying about TAP’s Residential Patrol service?


“To be quite honest, we went to the initial TONA Meeting fully convinced we didn’t need their services as they would likely not be cost effective and didn’t want to “stir up” more problems the neighborhood did not have by having visible security in the neighborhood like we needed to live in a “locked down” atmosphere. After much consideration, and to our surprise, the cost WAS effective for the services…we learned more crime etc. in neighborhood than had previously realized, their presence we believe provides a deterrent to additional crime, patrols are very non-intrusive, but catch what’s going on via the daily activity reports.”
Terry B- Thousand Oaks


“I am extremely happy and glad we have a service like this in this neighborhood. With 2 young girls, makes me at ease that you guys are driving around keeping this area safe”
John A- Thousand Oaks


“I’ve been reading the DAR’s from the beginning and I strongly feel that their service is exactly what our neighborhood needs. I believe that the longer they patrol the safer we’ll be as the troublemakers will move on.”
Jim W-Thousand Oaks