Smart Home Automation by TAPS Alarm

 Make your house a Smart Home with these added features

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With TAPS’ security system, you are able to manage your home with the touch of a finger on any mobile device.

You already enhanced the security of your home. Take it a step further and turn your house into a smart home by adding these new features.

Energy Control

Control the consumption of energy in your home or business.

Energy Conservation

Control the thermostat at home even from far away. Set a timed schedule for certain temperatures. Conserve energy and lower your utility bills. Maintain the temperature of your property based on the time or day, or outside weather.


Control the on/off setting of the lights from your mobile device. Set lighting schedules for day and night hours to conserve energy and deter burglars.

Small Appliances

Turn off any small appliances you have connected to the security system wherever you are. Turn on the oven to cook the prepared dinner as you make your way home. Or turn off any forgotten appliances as you make your way out the house.


Total Home control

Automated doors and locks

Take your home security a step further by installing automated locks on your doors.

You never have to turn around and check if you locked the front door or if the garage door is still open. Set the locks on your doors with a push of a button. With the help of the security management app, check if you’ve locked that door or if you closed the garage through your mobile device.

Know when someone opens a door when you aren’t home and when your children come home from school.

Unique key codes

Get notifications and keep track of who comes home or opens the door through designated key codes. You don’t have to worry about the risk of leaving a key under the mat. Or worry over how a contractor or scheduled maintenance worker is supposed to come in.


Fire and Carbon Monoxide alert

wireless carbon monoxide detecter

Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector

Our client’s safety is our key concern. We provide protection against all threats of invasion including elemental intruders. We can take it a step further by offering fire and carbon monoxide detectors that go beyond detecting.

When a detector goes off, loud noises warn any occupants to exit the house. At the same time, dispatch notification to the local authorities. And if you are away, you will get instant notification. Receive instant picture or video footage of the detected event if you are away. You can also set the HVAC to turn off at first detection to prevent the circulation of smoke or carbon monoxide.



Not only are you able to monitor your home, but you can also monitor the home of your loved ones.

Secondary home family care

Be able to care for a family member in need of that extra attention, even if they live away.

Combining the home security system and panic pendants or other Personal Emergency Response Systems will provide an efficient solution in dealing with and preventing emergencies; Ensuring their well being at the highest level possible.

With the use of the motion sensors, keep track of the daily activities of your family member. Conveniently control their security, lighting, and energy settings with automated schedules so they won’t have to worry about forgetting to do so.

Alerts and instant notifications will let you know if things are out of the ordinary, or if an emergency happens.


We are more than happy to work with you to come up with a security solution customized to fit your lifestyle. We offer a multitude of services and options for our security systems.


If you have questions about the video verification process please email us at If you are interested in our alarm system, please fill out our alarm interest form!